Developing empathy through STEM activities in Ms Jenkins’ 6th Class.

Developing empathy through STEM activities in Ms Jenkins’ 6th Class.


This term Ms Jenkins’ 6th class took part in an exciting STEM project in conjunction with the local college, TU Dublin – Tallaght. Two engineers from the college, Gerry & Lucy, visited our classroom every Friday for four weeks. The children engaged in STEM activities in the classroom. These activities helped to further develop the children’s empathy and understanding of the difficulties and challenges people might encounter when living in Dublin in the year 2100. The children very much enjoyed the STEMpathy activities. Some of the children had a chance to write about their experience.


In Fiosracht we are making characters and the problems they have in their life and creating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) solutions for them. Its all about making solutions for people living in Dublin 2100. We are being taught by engineers Gerry and Lucy. On week one we had to try open packets with rubber gloves and blurry glasses on. Week two we planned our characters and the problems they have. Everyone has a different character with different problems and solutions. Some characters are deaf, some are paralyzed and others have difficult challenges. On week three we started making our STEM characters and our solutions out of Lego we all made our characters in different ways. We all had fun doing the Fiosracht program. 

By Josh Bracken & Triegh Lieghio.



We started a STEM program with people from IT Tallaght their names where Lucy and Jerry

For the first week we put on cleaning gloves and glasses with Vaseline to have bad eye sight

Like some old people so we opened crackers with the gloves and tried to make cheese on a

Cracker it was not visible with the glasses but we had to manage to do it and we all did it put Cracker and Cheese together it was very fun.

Week2 We made characters and helped with their weakness and we helped them. It was a lot of fun.

Week3 We drew our characters and designed them. It was fun.

Week4 We made our characters out of lego. We made them inventions to help them them but it was difficult.

By Luke Corr




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