Performance at Peace Proms 2019!

Peace Proms 2019

On Sunday the third of February 2019. At 4pm we arrived at the school to go to the RDS Co. Dublin. The bus left at 4pm sharp. It took a half an hour to get to the RDS.
When we arrived at the RDS it was very crowded. We were to stay near the blue area. There were maybe about 2,500 children there. We are not so sure but about over a thousand parents there.
Our practise run started at 5pm and the real thing was at 7pm we had 2 breaks to go to the bathroom and to eat a bit of food and have a drink of water. We sang all our songs with the cross border orchestra and I think the conductors name was Greg.
It wasn’t just us singing there were other acts like Dancers, bag pipes and Professional singers.
The songs we sang were, Pop medley, the greatest show man Medley, I sing out, You’re the voice, Boogie Medley, Matilda Medley and Make some noise.
The teachers that came with us were Ms Brolan, Ms Houlihan and Mr Brennan.

This report is by Alannah and Lauren

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