Trip to Tallaght Library

Trip to Tallaght Library




Last Wednesday 14/11/18, we went to Tallaght library. We walked from Sacred Heart to the library. First, we took a seat and met two ladies who would show us around. After we looked at some picture books and we talked about library cards. We got a tour of the library and we learned that the last name of the author is where the book has to go. There were sections from A-Z. For example a book by David Walliams would go in the ‘W’ section.

The ladies showed us all of the different types of books that you can get. We found some books that we can use for our class for the Stone Age.

Then we played a game where we had to pick a piece of paper out of a hat. We had to go and try to find that book using the number on the side or the author’s surname. We had to find books about European Geography, a cookery book and a book by Enid Blyton. Finally we got to read some books and Kaylie picked one about animals. Just before we left, Flourish had her library card so she took out two books.

By Kaylie and Ethan











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