When David Gillick came to our school

When David Gillick came to our school

When David Gillick came to our school


On Monday the 22nd of October David Gillick came to our school. David Gillick also came with a girl her name was Alison. Alison worked for the SDCC .

We did some exercises before we ran around the park with him. He showed us how to stretch properly. David is a very fast runner. He ran beside Jay Jay when was doing the run in the park. We all got a head start.

Before we done all of that 5th and 6th came to the hall. In the hall we watched some of David’s races on the projector.

Some of the races David did he came first. In all the races he was running very fast. David was telling us about the medals he won. He was saying how he worked really hard to get where he is today.

When we were doing the run JayJay told him what he does when he gets out of breath. After the run everybody went in and Ebun was really out of breath and I helped him. I got three dojos and everybody got a picture with David. We said goodbye and we are going to see him in Santry when we finish our Marathon on the race track.

By Lauren and JayJay

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