Autumn in third class

Autumn in third class

We are learning all about autumn at the moment in third class. Here is a recount that we wrote in Ms. Greene’s class about our recent autumn walk!

On Monday, our class went on an autumn walk to look for the signs of autumn around the school. First, we were all put into pairs. We all got a checklist and a clipboard. Next, we walked out to the field and school gardens and we looked around for some autumn signs. We saw lots of different coloured leaves, some berries, conkers, conker husks, acorns, pine cones and some seeds. Then we collected some leaves so that we could make our leaf characters. Finally, we went back into our classroom and we talked about all of the autumn signs that we saw on the walk. We got to make our leaf characters in the shared area. We had lots of fun!!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Great work guys and girls

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