Storm Emma and The Beast From The East

Storm Emma and The Beast From The East Take On Sacred Heart S.N.S.
By Ben and Alex.
As all of you know, the entire country came to a standstill last week when we were issued with a Red Weather Warning. This was caused when Storm Emma accompanied by the Beast from the East hit the shores of Ireland. All the pupils and even the teachers…(Mr Diver!!!!) were thrilled to wake up Wednesday morning to the news that school was to be closed due to ghastly weather conditions. Luckily here in Sacred Heart S.N.S we have our very own weather station, which we are hoping to use to gather more information as to what exactly the weather looked like here in Killinarden. Keep an eye out because 6th class will be posting daily updates on their findings. What do you think we will see?
Our weather station is a Raspberry Pi weather station and one of only a few in the country! It was set up last year by some teachers and parents.
For now, take a look at what our weather station actually records!

1. Ambient Temperature
2. Wind Speed
3. Wind Gust Speed
4. Humidity
5. Air Pressure.

Tomorrow we will be letting you know what these measurements mean and the science behind snowfall and storms.

Check out these websites for more information.

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