RTE’s Gerry Murphy Visited Our School

RTE’s Gerry Murphy Visited Our School

Gerry Murphy, RTE meteorologist, came into our school on the 19th of June 2017 to see the 6th class projects based on the school’s Raspberry Pi Weather station. Ms. Ryan’s class made an information board about the weather station. This had information like the green house effect, clouds, weather balloons and lots more. Some other students from Mr. Maguire’s class were there too.

We had lots of questions for Gerry Murphy. We asked him what sort of equations do meteorologists use to predict the weather, what does it take to become a meteorologist, why does he like Liverpool and why does he eat two raw eggs a day!?!

After the presentation, we took Gerry up to our weather station where we showed him how it worked. He also told us what the best position to put it in would be and that it’s important to know what exactly units the weather station is using to record the data.

One of the parents who helped put the station together came in to explain to Gerry how the weather station was put together. He told us that programming the sensors was extremely difficult but there is a good life lesson there – to never give up and to learn and grow from challenging experiences.

And that’s what it was like to meet Gerry Murphy. It was a great pleasure. Hopefully we will see him again some time again.

Report by Adekemi

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