Our Weather Station News 05/05/2017

Our Weather Station News 05/05/2017

Our class has been doing a project on the weather in Ireland.

We studied different types of clouds and what they are made from. We looked at temperature and the various instruments used to measure temperature. We studied the difference between weather and climate. The weather describes the state of the atmosphere above us at any given time. Climate describes the long term variations of the atmosphere. In Ireland, we have a mild, moist and unpredictable! We learned that there are 2 radars in Ireland, in Dublin and Shannon. These send out pulses and measures precipitation – rain, hail, sleet and snow.

We looked online at temperatures in different places in Dublin using the Met Eireann website. We then compared them to our own school Raspberry Pi weather station database. Before Easter on the 3rd April the average temperature in Dublin was 13 degrees. It was mostly cloudy with little showers. Our weather station measured 12.85 degrees Celsius and there was no rainfall recorded. So it is good to know our station is accurate!

We are now going to do a weekly weather update for the school website. We might even try to do some weather forecasting!

by Blake & Reece (Ms. Ryan’s Class)

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