Fourth Class has Maths Eyes!

Fourth Class has Maths Eyes!

Our Maths Eyes Trip

On Wednesday 5th of April we went to Sean Walsh Park to do a ‘Maths Eyes’ trail. We worked in pairs. We were given a clipboard, worksheet and a pencil. The worksheet had lots of Maths questions on it. We had to use our ‘Maths Eyes’ to solve the maths problems. It was good fun, some of the questions were easy but some were hard too.

Afterwards we got to play in the playground and when we were finished we went to McDonalds. I had a giant chocolate muffin, it was delicious! I really enjoyed my day and I really using my ‘Maths Eyes’.

By Jessica Byrne

We’d like to say a massive thank you to all the 4th class parents who came in and joined us for this trip. We had a great time and it was wonderful having you there with us.

Hopefully we will do a similar activity again sometime soon. 😀

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