Our Trip to Russborough House

Our Trip to Russborough House

We went to Russborough House on Wednesday 22nd of March.

We arrived at Avon Ri and started walking for 1 hour and 30 minutes. It was a 5km greenway, which Mr. Cassidy told us about. When we were walking to Russborough house, we had to walk through a forest and it was cold and wet out. The whole walk was 5 kilometres and we had to jump over lots of puddles. We took pictures in the forest. It felt like a horror movie in the forest. Although it was wet and windy, we still enjoyed it. Ms Canavan, Ms .Maye, Ms. Murphy and Mr. Mac Liam enjoyed it too .We had to cross bridges and roads. When we did all of that we made it to Russborough at about 1 o’clock.  We did not get to go to the maze because it was damp and cold. We had nowhere to eat our lunch so we went back on the bus to school. However, when we got back to school we watched a movie for the rest of the day. It was a great day despite the weather.

By Ryan Cole and Phineas Ronaldo

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