KDPPG – Killinarden Drug Primary Prevention Group

KDPPG – Killinarden Drug Primary Prevention Group

Six weeks ago, two people came into our classroom to explain the things about life. They came from the Killinarden Drug Primary Prevention Group, the KDPPG for short. During Week 1 they explained the three behaviours, Passive, Agressive and Assertive. They also shook our hand and asked us if we liked our names.
In Week 2 we learned about the good and bad things in our community. They gave us a worksheet and we had to write the activities we take part in, in our community during the week.
Week 3 was about feelings. She told us to name as many feelings as possible. She also told us all the feelings you can have in one day which is like a million. She gave us a sheet and a feelings chart which we had to fill in.
In Week 4 we talked about decision making. She asked us what we would do if our friends asked us to go somewhere, but the choices were different. Most of us said that they would say where they would like to go. Some of us said that they would pick one then go to the other another day. Some of us said that they wouldn’t go at all.

In Week 5 we talked about bullying. We got one worksheet about how to stop bullying. We also got a sheet that had a smile poem on it. This is what it said;
Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu,
When someone smiled at me today,
I started smiling too,
I walked around the corner,
And someone saw me grin,
When he smiled, I realized,
I had passed it on to him,
I thought about the smile,
And realized its worth,
A single smile just like mine,
Can travel around the earth,
So if you feel a smile begin,
Dont leave it undetected,
Start an epidemic,
And get the world infected.
Author Unknown

In Week 6 we talked about what we did during the weeks. After that we got certificate and then we took our picture with the rest rest of 5th class.

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