Christmas Cooking

Christmas Cooking

The final session of our Christmas cooking course took place this week. The morning was spent making very tasty scones. These ranged from tomato scones and cheese scones to the more traditional plain scone. They turned out lovely.

The parents also made traditional brown bread. There was a beautiful smell of fresh baking coming from the kitchen all morning. A lot of time was also spent putting the final touches to the Christmas Cakes which were prepared over the previous couple of weeks. The parents showed their artistic side and decorated the most amazing cakes. They are now ready for Christmas day.

win_20161214_11_14_12_pro_liA huge thank you to the ladies who turned up each week and took part with great fun and interest. It was a very enjoyable course and a special thank you to our cook Mrs. Ann Hughes who led the course with such energy, knowledge and patience.

Well done ladies and enjoy eating the pudding and cake over the holidays!


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