Science week experiments in 6th

Science week experiments in 6th

                                         DRY ICE!

Last week was science week, Mr Maguire’s class done an experiment with dry ice. Dry ice is some carbon dioxide frozen that you can order online. We were not allowed touch it because you could get frost bite in less than five seconds. We used fairy liquid, gloves, balloons, bottles, cup, water, kettle, plate and pipes. Firstly Mr Maguire put on gloves. Then Mr Maguire took a cup and put about a half of a cup of dry ice and put it on the plate. Then we put cold water in the kettle and boiled the water, we had to be very careful not to get burned or frostbite, after the kettle boiled Mr Maguire poured the hot water on the plate. The plate was kind of bowl shaped .Then there was an outstanding reaction. Instead of going up to the sky the steam went down to the floor. We were allowed touch the steam but not the water .Then as the steam started to settle down we put some fairy liquid into it with more dry ice and hot water. It created bubbles, we all took about a handful of bubbles and clapped our hands and then it formed the steam. Then we got into pairs of two or three then we had to make an experiment of which person could make the balloon pop. Some people succeeded and some didn’t. Mr Maguire was able to explode the balloon. When it exploded it was very loud. We took a bottle and put some dry ice and hot water in a bottle the reaction was still amazing .we made a pipe stick into the lid of the water bottle. The other side had a balloon with an elastic band tied to it. Then we had the balloon get bigger and bigger. Finally the balloon exploded .POP! Then we all had to try making the balloon pop a different way. There was ice stuck to the end of the bottle. Then we thought all of sixth about dry ice. We thought two classes out of fifth and one class in forth class all about dry ice. We had great experience learning about frozen carbon dioxide, and hot waters reaction with it .In movies they use that type of steam for a look the same as in talent shows like the X factor.

By Shamaine Maughan and Lucy C


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