Our Historical Trip to Tallaght Village

Our Historical Trip to Tallaght Village

On Friday the 11th of November Ms Maye’s and Ms Healy’s class went to Tallaght Village. The walk was tiring up to St Maelruains church. We met a Reverend named Canon Devereaux and we asked him questions about the church. Then Reverend Canon Devereaux brought us up to the tower, Difi was scared at the top of the tower. He showed how us to ring the bell – it was very loud. When we were up there we saw the whole of Tallaght Village, Difi almost got sick.



It was scary coming down from the tower because the staircase was steep.


After that we went to the Priory to have our lunch. We all sat down on a tree and we took a picture with Difi. Then after that we had to spot Tallaght Castle. When we were walking home we went through Sean Walsh park and we saw some ducks and swans. We went to a farm and saw goats, chickens and more ducks . When we got to school we were all very tired. The trip was great fun and interesting.


By Best Ali and Ben Johnston

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