Difi goes to RTE

Difi goes to RTE

dsc00845 dsc00851 dsc00862On Thursday the 10th of November Difi came on a trip with us to RTE. Difi woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning so we could leave early to get to RTE. When we got there we went into the canteen and got some food and we got to meet two people from the tv show Fair City and then we went into the shop in the canteen to get a drink. Then we sat down and ate our food. After our food we went into the reception and waited for the girl to come and bring us into the room.


When the girl came she brought us into the room where our parents watched us. Then the girl brought us to where the RTE sports show takes place. After that we went in the room where The Late Late Show takes place. After we went in those rooms we went into a room called the green room and we took a video with Difi in it. Then we went back to the room where our parents would watch us.

We put on our Swipe Tv Tops on and headed for the studio and watched them rehearse and then they started the show. After they welcomed everybody to the show we went onto the stage and introduced our team.We told them about Difi and gave the producer Clare a high five. Difi hade lots of fun on the show. After the show we brought Difi into the town of Fair City.


Written by Hollie Murray /Nathan Dillon.

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