Trip to Collins Barracks & the 1916 Garrisons

Trip to Collins Barracks & the 1916 Garrisons

Ms Murray’s 4th class went on a trip to see the 1916 garrisons. We went to Collins Barracks first. We saw the Proclamation and heard it being read it out and we saw the ripped up Irish flag. We had a little picnic out on the grass. We got a bus, we parked it and started to walk to the GPO. On our way there we saw the Rosie Hackett Bridge. We got to the GPO and we saw some bullet holes in the pillars holding up the GPO. We saw photos of the seven men who signed the Proclamation. There were pictures nearly everywhere. We saw soldiers raise the Irish flag on O’Connell St.

By Rachel Outside the Royal College of Surgeons

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  1. Dylan says:

    I had a blast at collins barracks gpo and everything else signed dylan young

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