Having the time of our lives in 4th class

For the past fortnight, we have been learning how to read and show the time in our maths classes with Ms. O’Connell.
Firstly, to get the hang of what a second, minute and hour feel like, we did some fun activities. We had to listen to the tick of the clock and clap along every second. We discussed what kind of things you could get done in an hour then. After that, we had to estimate how many ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ you could fit into a minute, half a minute and even a quarter of a minute – that’s the same as 15 seconds!      IMG_2659                    IMG_2655

Then we had to do the same, estimating and timing, but this time with tapping our foot and making Unifix towers.IMG_2656 We thought it was so much fun! We thought it was interesting and sometimes surprising to see the results. It was great to be able to predict most of our results by halving the amount of things we could do for half a minute compared to a full minute.
Overall, we noticed new things about the clock we had never seen before, like there are 3 hands on our classroom clock and that the thin lines on the clock face show the seconds and minutes too!
Most days, we practised showing different times on analogue clocks and then we learnt how to convert analogue to digital time.IMG_2710 We practised doing it by playing time games online on our interactive whiteboard. We almost forgot we were learning because we were so busy enjoying ourselves!IMG_2708
Lastly, we learnt some important times of the day off by heart, like our lunch break and small break times so we don’t need to ask the teacher all the time!
We love maths because it’s fun and you’re learning things that are useful in real life!

By Ms .O’Connell’s 4th class maths group

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