3rd class cooking up a storm

3rd class cooking up a storm

Blending our soup - the final stage

Blending our soup – the final stage

On Wednesday afternoon, some of us from 3rd class got to go cooking with Ms. O’Connell. We were chosen because we had been working hard in class. We made vegetable soup because we are learning about how to be healthy. This is how we made it…
First we washed our hands. Next we washed the vegetables. Then we peeled the carrots and potatoes. We chopped the leeks, carrots, celery and potatoes into even pieces. We got a big pot and heated it up. We fried the leeks first in olive oil to get the flavour out. Then we put the other vegetables into it. When the vegetables were getting soft, we added a litre and a half of stock. We put frozen peas in too towards the end. First we cooked it on a high level then we cooked it on a low level. That’s called simmering. When it was done we got a hand blender and cut up and blended the big pieces.

We seasoned it with salt as well. Finally we got a spoon and a bowl and…. ENJOYED it!IMG_2690

I would definitely recommend eating vegetable soup to help you stay healthy.


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