Gardening with Sixth Class


Today Mr Diver’s Class, Ms Brolan’s Class and Ms Keating’s 6th Class went gardening. Ms Keating’s Class went out in the morning, Ms Brolan’s Class went out between little break and big lunch and Mr Diver’s Class went out at the end of the day. When Ms Keating’s Class went they harvested broad beans and soon they will be cooking them. Ms Brolan’s Class harvested garlic and trimmed the hedges in the school garden. Mr Diver’s class spent the rest of the lovely afternoon finishing up everything In the wonderful sunshine. We also took up spuds from the ground and all of the 6th Classes are really looking forward to cooking them.We all had a wonderful time with Deirdre and we have learned so much from her.

Thank you Deirdre and Mr Abbot for such a wonderful day!

By Katie and Aoife

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