The Normans

We in Ms Nestor’s class have been working very hard over the last while learning about The Normans. We spent lots of time in our groups researching about the different aspects of life during Norman times in Ireland and compiled our information into a video using Powerpoint. Have a look at it below!


During our research we were very interested in how the Normans celebrated so we decided to have our very own Norman Banquet. We put all the tables in the shared area into a U shape as that’s how the Normans would have been seated and covered them in nice table cloths. We had some bread and butter to begin followed by delicious Norman Pastys. We made these by mixing ham, cheese and eggs together in a bowl with our hands. We then rolled small bits into balls and cooked them in pastry. During their meal the Normans would have drank red wine but we settled for Ribena. To finish we had lovely ice pops which may not have been very Norman but we enjoyed them. We were very lucky as well to have entertainment just like the Normans would have had during our feast when Dylan K dressed up as a jester and juggled for us. We had a great day and really enjoyed learning about the Normans.  20150616_13225620150616_13263320150616_133214

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