Reading for Fun

Reading for Fun

After 5 weeks, Reading for Fun in both 3rd and 4th class has come to an end. Both grades finished reading “The Giggler Treatment” (3rd class) and “The Meanwhile Adventures” (4th class). Both books are by Roddy Doyle and the children really enjoyed reading them. As always we are very lucky to have so many parents in the school willing to get involved in educational programmes run by the Home School Community Liaison scheme. Thank you to all the parents that give up their time to come in and help out with Reading for Fun.

On the final day of ‘Reading for Fun’ we had a different activity to finish off with. In 3rd class the children were transformed into the role of ‘biscuit tasters’, much like the character Mr Mack from ’The Giggler Treatment’. The 3rd class children and parents had great fun tasting different biscuits.

In 4th class the children and parents got to choose a picture of their favourite character from ‘The Meanwhile Adventures’. They then coloured in the pictures, which really brought the characters to life. Our 4th class children and parents are a very talented artistic bunch!!

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