6th class programming

6th class programming

Our classes have been learning how to use “scratch” and “code.org” to make new games, applications and projects.

We are only starting but everybody likes it. Some of us are working on projects at home as well as in school. Scratch and Code.org are easy to use and best of all, they are free! We have used these to help us with our Irish, English, History, Art, maths and many other subjects. Check out some of our projects by Shantelle, Katie, Lauren Renée and Nadia below. (to see more of our class projects go to sacredheartsns.weebly.com)

Here is Nadia and Lauren’s Maze game. They put a lot of work into this and it turned out great. (use the arrow keys abd try not to hit the walls.)

Here is Katie’s project. Help the fox find his dinner!

Here is Shantelle’s project. She made a brick and ball game from scratch!!

Here is Lauren Moloney’s game. Try to help the Pig find a puddle of mud.

Here is Renée’s game. Be very careful and don’t let the ball touch the red lava!!

Here is a really good maze game by Lauren Moloney. It’s very tough to make and turned out really good. use the arrow keys to help you)

These are only some of our games. everybody in the class has made a few games and that is only in a few lessons. Try it at home yourself for free. WWW.scratch.mit.edu


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