Gardening with Deirdre

On the 09/09/14 my class went gardening with Deirdre. We were doing hard work such as cleaning the garden, harvesting plants and digging up potatoes.

We went out to the main garden and Mr. Abbott and Deirdre gave us tools like shears, shovels and rakes.

We walked to the garden in 4th class and got cleaning. Some people were cutting the grass, raking and digging. We got spilt into three groups: Mr. Abbott, Deirdre and Ms. Keating. Deirdre’s group dug up the potatoes, Ms. Keating’s group cut the grass and raked it away and Mr. Abbott’s group cooked the potatoes.
Mr. Abbott’s group went in and we cooked the potatoes in the kitchen. We first washed them and we chopped the rosemary. Then we put them in the bowl and put them in the cooker. We waited until they were done.
In our classroom our teacher called us table by table to get one of those scrumptious potatoes. We gave a big thank you to Mr. Abbott and Deirdre.

By Thomas and Grace


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