My Summer Holidays by Ms. Maye’s 3rd class

On my summer holidays I went to the zoo with my dad.  When I got back I found out that my step- brother broke his foot. I had a party for my step- brother. I went to Santa Ponca with my Dad and James. I had a great holiday.


On my summer holidays I went to Wexford. I stayed in a beach house. The best part was that my back garden was the beach. It was so fun because I could go to the beach whenever   I wanted to. It was the best summer ever. 



 On my summer holidays I went to a lot of sleep overs and a lot of parties.   My cousin smashed her phone I almost did too.  I had a lot of fun.  The best bit was my friends party it was really good.


I went to Spain and I went to Lanzarote.  There was a big pool I pushed my dad in.  I went to the shop and I bought batteries. It took 4 hours on the plane. I went with my friend Sean, it was fun.


On Monday in the morning I went on a ferry to Blackpool for my brother’s birthday. We asked a lot of people if they knew where our hotel is and it took about six hours!  Then we finally got there, we had tea in our room and everyone had breakfast in the morning, we ate a lot of things.

By Rachel

On my summer I went to the cinema

and watched Ms Browns Boys and then

I went to the shops with my family.  Dad went home because he fell and hurt his leg. I had a great summer.

By Owen

Over the summer holidays my nanny stayed in my house. We went to Belfast and we went to Titanic Experience.

We had fun. We got dinner there. We got a toy in the shop .We learned a lot about the

Titanic. Then after that I went to my cousins. I had a sleepover. I had fun.

 By Niamh

On my summer holidays I went to Dublin Zoo.  First we saw the monkeys.  Then we saw elephants and giraffes and ostriches.  One day we went to Lully more farm.  When we got there we saw a train that used car wheels.  We had fun


By Katelyn

On my summer holidays I went to sunshine house. I went to Courtown. I had lots of fun in the two places. I went to my cousins too.


In summer I went to Donegal.  When we got there we went to dinner because it was 5 o clock.  

I had chicken and chips.  After dinner we went to a field outside the mobile. 

.  In the mobile we stayed on a farm for a weekend.  We slept right beside

the cows.  It was so fun.


When I got out of school my auntie

got a new house. She lets me go up to her.

I played with my cousin he liked his new house. Then a few weeks later I got a puppy I loved it he was play full too.

By Erin

On my summer holidays I went to adventure world

I went on the ginormous slide it was fun. My little sisters went on the horses and I went on the dump truck . I had loads of fun The next day I went to the swimming pool.


I went out to play with my friends and we played football. We played 1 touch then I went in and played black ops 2 team death match then I played grand theft auto 5 online.


On my summer holidays I went to Sunshine

house. It was great fun .It was only for one

week. When I got home I ate ice –cream.

The next day went to a bbq then I got

sweets. After that my Dad came back he

gave me stuff.  When it was my Dad birthdays

we had KFC it was  yummy.  Then I played

a game with my sister.

From Daniel

All summer I was down in my nanny’s.   I went to the Bottle Tower  with    my  mam  ,dad brothers.  At the Bottle Tower I made a new friend her name was Grace.  I played out a lot my summer holidays were fun

By Amy

On Friday I went to Clara Lara.  I went there with my mam Dad sister and cousin and we had lots of fun.  Then we went to get something to eat.  Then we went home. The next morning we went to my nanny’s house to have dinner


On my summer holidays I went to Portugal for a week and when I was there I got a mask and guns.  I got a blue moon then I went zoo marina and went on a pirate boat.  After that I went in a wave pool.  Then I went to Era TREX and a pirate show. 


On my summer holidays I went to Fort Lucan and I went down all the slides and then I went on the go karts .  Then I went on the monkey bars and I got an ice cream then I went home.

On Tuesday I went to the horse museum and got a toy and went home.

By Aaron

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