Our Theatre Awards Entry

Our Theatre Awards Entry

Our class decided to enter the Student Theatre Awards.
The Bord Gais Energy Theatre is currently staging a War Horse production , and there is a competition to bring your class to go and see it. Basically we had to compose a short scene for a play under the theme of “Friendship” and we could choose to write it in script form , narrative form or video form. We chose video form and script form.

It took a lot of preparing for the play. Zoe wrote a script , the actors to learn lines and then we had to film it.
Our play was about bullying destroying friendship and how a simple apology could make it better , and if a bully is far away it doesn’t mean he/she will leave you alone.


Making this play was a lot of stress and the camera died a lot but after all we got there in the end.
If our play gets into the shortlist we get to go see War Horse for free in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre.
After the show there will be an award ceremony. The winner of each category will get a 150 euro one4all voucher , and the overall winner will get a 300 euro one4all voucher and a 1000 euro bursary for their school. And if you want to enter I’m sorry but it’s too late. Maybe you could enter next year!

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