5th Class Are Getting Healthy!

On January 21st Ms Nestor’s class went cooking. We made granola and brown bread which are both very healthy treats. It was really enjoyable and we had a brilliant time. We went to the kitchen in two groups and we brought four of Mr Diver’s pupils with us.

We are all trying to be more healthy these days as we are following Operation Transformation. We have promised to eat at least one piece of fruit each day in school and we write these on our fruit tracker. We are also making an effort to do a half hour of exercise outside school each day which we record on our exercise tracker. I do dancing twice a week for an hour each day and I meet my friends to go running on some of the other evenings.

Ms McCarthy took us walking around the park during our little break on Tuesday as part of the Operation Transformation Step It Up challenge. She told us that we should be doing 10,000 steps every day and we used pedometers to track the steps on our walk which came to 1,908 steps. We are really enjoying getting more healthy and we have lots more energy in school to do the fun things.

Here are the recipes for our Granola and Brown Bread if you would like to join us on our healthy journey. The granola is delicious for breakfast or a snack during the day with some yogurt and the brown bread is tasty with a small bit of butter and maybe some of your favourite jam.Homemade Granola
Home Made Brown Bread

By Ciara O’Reilly

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