Ms.Maye’s class trip to Tallaght Village

Ms.Maye’s class trip to Tallaght Village


On the 14 of November Friday we went on a class trip in Tallaght. We wore our vis vests and we were off to Tallaght. We went first to the Priory and we met father Donal and  he showed us around. We saw a walnut tree and it is 300 years old. It  was hit by lightning and the tree is the biggest tree I ever saw. There was even a statue of  St.Domanic. The priory was founded  by the Dominican order in the year  1987.We  then went to St. Maelruain’s church.  When we were there we even went to the medieval tower and it was really high and quite scary. We even saw a female deer around the graveyard. St.Maelruain built his monastery in the 8 century and it is 500 years old. The church of St. Maelruains  is 200 years old. Then at the end of the day we went to the park. It was so fun and we even went to a farm and saw goats, chickens and  lots of rabbits. It was the best trip ever !!!!


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