Bat Reports 3rd Class

Bat Reports 3rd Class

The Bat

The bat is an animal that can fly. It looks like a mouse. It has large ears he has a furry body. He lives in caves and under bridges and in trees and in old houses in the attic. A vampire sucks blood from cows. Batman is a famous superhero.

By Josh

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The Bat

It is an animal that can fly. The bat has large ears. The bat has leather wings. The bat has a furry body.

The bat lives in caves and in trees. He also lives in attics of old houses.

The bat eats fish fruit and insects. The vampire bat drinks cows’ blood.

Bat man was a famous super hero.

By Dean



The Bat

The bat is an animal that flies. The bat looks like a mouse and it has leather wings and a furry body and large ears. The bat lives in old houses, in attics, under bridges, in caves and all over the world except in too hot ar cold countries. The bat eats nectar frogs fish insects and fruit. The vampire bat sucks blood from animals like horses and cows. Batman is a superhero and it is beileved that Dracula could turn into a bat.

By Rachid

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