Our Report Writing

Our Report Writing

Our Report

In Ms Murphy’s class everyone done reports on different animals found in Ireland. Two of the most interesting animals were the bat and the spider.  We found out lots of facts about these animals. Leon wrote about the bat and Aoife wrote about the spider. For a report we write about the classification of what you are writing about, what it looks like, where you can find it and some interesting facts about the topic.  In a classification we would say the bat is a mammal which can fly. Bats are nocturnal animals. In a description we would the bat is a small creature. Bats are black and sometimes grey. The bats shape is a small size. For its dynamics we could say the bat swings upside down. Bats sleep upside down. The bat has bad eyesight. Finally in summarising comment we can add interesting facts about the bat like the Irish name for a bat is ‘scaiathan leathair’.  Bats are protected species this means it cannot be harmed or disturbed in any way. For the Spider Aoife wrote the following report. The spider is a small oval shaped insect and is a black and brown in colour. It is a small poisonous insect. Some spiders such, as a daddy long legs can fly. Some spiders such water spiders build an airtight silk nest underwater. Spiders are usually found under a rock, in a swamp, in a tree or in a dump. Spiders spin a silk thread to catch insects and to eat them.  Not all spiders use webs to catch food. Wolf spiders hunt for their prey. The spider is never caught in its own web as it avoids the sticky webs. Writing reports are fun!

By Aoife and Leon

Aoife's work on report writing

Siobhan's report on a spider

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