Digital Schools of Distinction

Digital Schools of Distinction

Minister for Education and Skills Ruairí Quinn launches the program in Sacred Heart

Pupils at DSD launchWednesday was a very important day, some very important people came to our school such as the Minister of Education, Ruairi Quinn,  a lot of journalists and photographers and many more. My friend Dean and I got the once in a life time opportunity to speak in front of all these important people and also got to talk on the news. It was just amazing you have people telling you all day “Wow you were outstanding” it makes me speechless. We showed all of the people our computers, tablets, laptops, Nintendo DSs and interactive white boards and old them what we do programmes like Reading Eggs and Mathletics .

it was a really fun day and It had a great opening and ending. the opening a beautifully sang song by our lovely forth  class “Lean on me”.  Afterwards in the kitchen we had water or orange juice and a big stand of cupcakes. It was a brilliant day!



Irish Times video screenshot

Irish Times video

Pupils at DSD launchWednesday was a very important day myself and my friend Sharice got a chance to speak in front of the Minister for Education, Ruari Quinn and another minister Pat Rabbitte .In the kitchen there were cupcakes and water and orange juice. I was very nervous because I was going to be on television as well we had to talk about the wonderful selection of technology such as tablets, computers, interactive whiteboards and two computer rooms as well. When I had finished talking all my nerves were gone . We very excited when we heard we were going to be on television it was a very good and exciting day for us.


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