Basketball Blitz

Basketball Blitz

Derek, Cian,  Tony, Killian, Jamie, Linda, Shauna, Rachael, Anastasia and Naomi  were the lucky few of the Basketball team to get to go to this prestigious tournament.


Schools from all over Tallaght came to this tournament.

When we got there we started practicing.
Our transport was a GARDA van .

 In our first half of the first match Ms Maye played Jamie, Derek, Linda, Rachael and Anastasia.

 We were losing 2-0 in the first half.

 In the second half Cian, Tony, Naomi, Killian and Shauna played.

 We brought it back to 2-2 but then in the last few minutes they scored to win 4-2.


 In our other matches we lost by a small margin.

 The matches were very close.


They were all good teams but we were good too.

 We were unlucky to go home empty handed.

 Cian  didn’t though.

 He got a €10 voucher for lifestyle sports for being voted Most Valued Player.

 It was a fun trip and we would like to do it again sometime.

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