FIDI goes to Finland

FIDI goes to Finland

FIDI is our project mascot. He gets his name from the four countries involved: Finland, Ireland, Denmark and Italy.

In February 2013, FIDI had an opportunity to visit Finland, along with some of the teachers.  In the pictures you can see FIDI taking part in class with the pupils in Koskelan Koulu, in the city of Oulu. Also you will see FIDI watching a skiing lesson and an ice skating lesson in P.E., and trying his paw at husky sledding. He was very interested to see that the pupils in Oulu don’t wear a school uniform, and that they take off their shoes in school and just wear their socks! For outdoor activities though, they need to wrap up well with big coats, gloves and hats. On the first day FIDI was in Oulu, the temperature was minus 20 degrees!


ggski2  fidisled fididesk

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