European Project 2012 – 14

European Project 2012 – 14

You are probably aware that the school has become involved in an international education project. This is a two year project that involves pupils and teachers from five different schools communicating and learning together on a variety of topics. The other four schools in the project are from Pisa in Italy, Kolding in Denmark, Oulu in Finland and St. Mark’s SNS, just up the road in Springfield. Teachers from all of the other schools spent a full day in Sacred Heart in October, and saw our pupils performing Irish songs and dance; they visited their classrooms, and also met with a number of our parents.

Fiinish teachers in Sacred HeartAll of the visiting teachers had nothing but praise for the warm welcome they received, and especially for the excellent manners and behaviour of our pupils. They were also very impressed with the musical talent and computer skills of the pupils and how easily they could use computers, laptops and iPads to help them with their learning. Our pupils were delighted to teach the foreign teachers some basic phrases in Irish! We hope that, during the project, all of the schools will benefit from exchanging ideas and solutions to problems. An important aspect of the project is that the children will realise that no matter where people come from, what language they speak or what they look like, we have far more in common than our differences.

Some of the project activities for the children include:

  • Video-conferencing
  • Creating Powerpoint presentations for the children in the other schools
  • Exchanging greeting cards and letters
  • Comparing daily life, traditions and weather patterns in different countries
  • Writing about trips the project mascot (FIDI) goes on

children video-conferencingSo far FIDI has been to an Irish dancing competition, Croke Park, a boxing tournament, a visit to Santa and the cinema. Over the course of the project he will also be visiting interesting places in Italy, Finland and Denmark with the pupils in those countries.

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