Our Teams Visit Croke Park

Our Teams Visit Croke Park

Following one of the most exciting and most well-supported seasons we have ever had, it was decided to bring both our boys’ and girls’ Gaelic football teams to visit Croke Park.

The boys’ team, which played so well and which won many admirers for its performances, went first, travelling to Croke Park on November 20th. From the moment we arrived we were deeply impressed by the elaborate displays on show, and the commitment of all the staff to promoting the GAA traditions.

At the entrance, the crest of every GAA club in the world is on display. It took us a few minutes to find the badge for Croí Ró-Naofa, and it gave us a big thrill to see it alongside the other Dublin clubs on the wall. Inside, giant screens were playing excerpts from great matches of the past that had been played at Croke Park. There was a huge model of the stadium, and we watched a film called “One Sunday in September”, which showed all the excitement of the All-Ireland Final.

We got to tour the stadium, including the dressing rooms where so many famous players had prepared for their biggest games. As we ran up the tunnel onto the pitch, hidden speakers broadcast sounds of a great crowd cheering and roaring. We felt like players coming out for a big match!

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