Attendance – Term 2 – 2019/2020 School Year

Due to Covid 19 School Closures, it was not possible to present attendance certificates as usual at the end of term to pupils with Full Attendance. Instead using our Class Dojo system 61 children (23%), were awarded their certificate for Full Attendance—Term 2 by having it uploaded and approved on their ePortfolio. Attendance records for January and February show an improvement over the figures for previous years. However our March attendance records show a considerable drop over the course of the two weeks, first week we had an average of 90.2%, dropping in the second week to 86.4% giving a monthly average of 88.5 due to concerns no doubt about the spread over Covid 19.

Overall attendance for the school year shows a marginal improvement of 0.1% on the figures at the end of Term 1 and remains the same as last year, at 91.3%.

Class Number of Pupils
Third 16
Fourth 12
Fifth 21
Sixth 12
  Total 61

Full Attendance - Term 2

Attendance Targets for this school year

  1. Improvement of 1% on baseline data (2017/2018) in annual attendance level, so looking for an increase overall attendance level from 91.3% last year to at least 91.7%
  2. Special Initiative – Improvement of 2% on baseline data (2017/2018) in the attendance levels for the month of June 2020 from 87.4% last year to at least 88%
  3. Reduce the number of pupils missing 40 days or more by 25% on baseline data (2017/2018), so from 6.9% last year to under 6% in the current year.

Initiatives to Promote Attendance

  1. Best Attenders for previous month in each class – reward of visit to games room
  2. Best Class/Grade for the month – reward small party/film in hall
  3. Assembly – we stress to pupils the importance of attendance, listen to pupils’ views on ways of improving attendance, announce the winner of the best class/grade for attendance and name pupils chosen in each class for their efforts with attendance in the previous month.
  4. Awards for FULL ATTENDANCE at the end of each term (Christmas, Easter and Summer) and for the whole school year.


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