Bringing virtual reality into the 21st century

On Tuesday the 26th of March six children from our school went to St. Marks school to participating in bringing the virtual reality into the 21st Century. We walked to their school because it was only around the corner from our school. When we got their we listened to a choir and a band. We listened to a few speeches’ even MR O’Leary our old principal was there. 

When the speeches were over we got a bag of sweets and a few people came around with VR headsets. While we were enjoying our goodies the principals got presented with an award. The award was a plaque with the Sacred Heart crest and a little paragraph saying well done for participating in bringing the virtual reality into the 21st century. 

We got a picture with a few of the pupils from the other schools and all the principals were in the back and one person from our school got to hold a VR headset. The photographer took a lot of different pictures in lots of different angles. At the end of the event the teachers got tea, coffee, biscuits and sandwiches some pupils got cupcakes. While Ms.Maye was up getting her food she spotted a cake with the four crests of the four schools on it which were St Annes, Sacred Heart, St Thomas’s and St Marks. The cake was cut up into four pieces and Mr. Diver was the one that was to take the cake home but we have not seen it since



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