Making Potions for Halloween

Making Potions for Halloween

 Happy Halloween from Ms. Greene’s third class

Today we were busy making potions in third class. It was kind of messy as you can see from the pictures below but we had a lot of fun!  Here is how you can make the lava lamp potion.

You will need: clear cups, water, vegetable oil, Alka Seltzer and food colouring.

  1. Pour the water into the cup.
  2. Pour the vegetable oil into the cup. The water and oil will separate.
  3. Add in some drops of food colouring into the cup. The drops will pass through the oil and mix with the water.
  4. Break an alka seltzer tablet in half and drop the half tablet into the cup.
  5. Watch what happens next!

How does it work?

The oil stays at the top of the water because the oil is lighter, or less dense, than the water. When you added the alka seltzer, it sank to the bottom and it started to dissolve. This made a gas and the gas bubbles rose. When the gas bubbles rose, they took some of the coloured water with them. When the blob of water reached the top, the gas escaped and down went the water again!

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  1. Hannah Sinnott says:

    Lovely photos they look like there haven fun

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