Our Trip to Microsoft

Our Trip to Microsoft

5th class went on a trip to Microsoft. Here are some of our recounts.


On Friday the 21st of September half of my class went to Microsoft to learn coding. We took a bus there. I was sitting next to Jordan. We talked for a bit then we did our own thing. When we went in we saw a big sign saying ‘Welcome Sacred Heart S.N.S’.

The first thing we did was go into Dreamspace and put our bags and coats into the lockers. After that we got a small tour of the first floor. We got to see the digital waterfall and lake. The American flag was in the lake.

Then, we did some coding with Amanda and Ben. Some of us made a light show and some of us made a light show using coding. She taught us the basics and to test everything because there might be a bug.

We made some videos with pictures. We were split into groups. My group was Scott, Ebun and me. Our video was about ending world hunger, having clean water and building buildings. We added special effects like bubbles, fireworks and balloons.

When we got home we got a pencil case, a bottle, a pair of earphones and a sticker. We finished off the day by watching half of ‘Wreck it Ralph’ in the hall.


On Friday the 21st of September half of my classmates and I went to Microsoft in Leopards town for a fun coding experience. I was so excited and half of the 5th class were cooking with M.S Canavan and coding with M.R Brennan.

When we arrived at Microsoft we were amazed by the size of the building. We went in 2 employees of Microsoft Ben and Amanda showed us around the building. Honestly it was very nice we got to see a waterfall the American flag we even had a locker to put our schoolbags and jackets in and a lake.

Ben and Amanda introduced us to a Microsoft Dream space area where we were going to code. We were split into about 10 groups to code and my partner was Josh from M.S Jenkins class. What we did was we picked a type of face on our surface screen. And we made our own music from a piano on a computer. We used a device called a microchip which would test our project and everybody did a good job

When we finished coding we went to another cool area in the Dream space to make a cool 3-D video Ben and Amanda showed us how to do it. We made our videos using nature and my partners were Josh and Lauren I used Good Health And – Well Being so you could put it was really fun making these videos I put a huge piece of broccoli and Josh and Lauren were amazed by the size. When we finished with the videos we had a nice sandwich and crisps and we danced to “Cha Cha Slide”.

When we were leaving Microsoft Ben and Amanda were very kind to give us a bag with Dream space earbuds a Dream space bottle and a Dream space pencil case with some other school supplies. When we got back from Microsoft the people who were cooking and coding gave us a cookie and we went into the hall to watch the movie “Wreck it Ralph”. It was a very fun day.


On Friday 21st of september2018.I went with half the class to Microsoft. We went because our teacher arranged it for us to have a great day.

When we arrived at Microsoft we got introduced to Ben Shoshana and Amanda. After we put our bags in Dreamspace. After that we done cool some cool stuff. Like seeing technology lake waterfall and most of all a rock stairway. After seeing all that we done codding its very fun to do. So we got microchips and headphones. We created music, led lights and our own name and icon.

When we finished that we made our own 3d effects pictures it was so fun we made a video in the end we showed everybody. When that was all done we got something to eat. We got a ham tuna or cheese and Crips. When everybody got something to eat. We got our bags and went back to school on the bus.

When we got back to the school we watched wreck it ralph some people were lying down. When the bell went we went home.


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