Lea’s trip to Carlow

On the 27th of December I went to Carlow with my mam, my dad and my sister Aimee.

My mam drove us there and back. When we got there we checked in. After that we went to Penneys. I got a JoJo Siwa top and leggings. Then we got Eddie Rockets. I got chicken nuggets and chips with an oreo milkshake. It was very nice.

Finally we walked back to the hotel. When we got back we went swimming in the pool. I did flips and I kept on splashing Aimee. It was very funny. At 7 o clock we went down to have dinner. I had penne pasta and blackcurrant juice. After my dinner we went to the lounge and I got a Kinder Bueno in the vending machine. Then me and Aimee went up to the room and Aimee ran me a bath. She put lots of bubbles in the bath. After that we went asleep. I had a great time.

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