Dylan’s fun day out

The 28th of December is my friend David’s birthday he planned a trip and invited me and another friend Darren. I left my house at 11:45 to go and knock for Darren he got fully ready and we left for David’s house. We sat down for a while and had a laugh and then we left to go on the trip.
The first place we went was Base, we played arcade games and then we played laser tag. We played laser tag for about half an hour and we left laser tag to do bowling. David won but I came second. Darren was angry because I beat him by a point. After Base we went to the Square and got cinema tickets for Jumanji, it was in an hour so we got Burger King while we wait. We had our food and went to the cinema I got cheese nachos and they shared a large popcorn. When we got in I spilled my nachos on the floor but David’s mam was nice enough to get me another cheese nachos. The movie was awesome. It is now 7:00 and now I’m home so that was my trip so goodbye now.

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