Bubble Exhibition

Bubble Exhibition

Our Trip to Bubble Science in Tallaght Stadium


Ms. Maye brought some children from 5th class to Tallaght Stadium for Engineers week. We arrived at Tallaght Stadium around 12 o clock. We went inside a big room in the Stadium. There were lots of schools there. There was a lady named Susan that talked about bubbles. She made a sock puppet that sprayed out bubbles. Josh out of Ms Healy’s Class got to put out a fire with carbon dioxide. We also made really big bubbles and we made them with rods. She made a big bubble that covered a boy with weird goggles, he thought he was in a different dimension .After about 2 hours we walked out of the stadium and went back to the school. YEAH we got no Homework. We were happy that we went there and we were happy we got no homework as well.

By Best Ali and Lucy Kinsella

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