Help My Kid Learn – March ’17

Help My Kid Learn – March ’17

  March 2017 Ideas 

St. Patrick’s Day is on the way – enjoy these themed and other

learning activities.  

Red tractorHere’s a catchy video called “Driving My Tractor“.  Your baby or toddler will be hearing numbers, colours, and lots of new words while enjoying a cuddle on your lap.

cartoon snake The legend of St. Patrick tells us that he got rid of all the snakes from Ireland. To celebrate this story, why not make a St. Patrick’s Day snake with your little one.

girl and sunflowerFind out why the game of peek-a-boo is such an enduring favourite with babies and toddlers. Babies learn that something can be there even when it is hidden.

little girl sweepingToddlers love to “help” and it’s also very good for them. They learn that they are part of your family “team” getting things done by helping at home.

animalsIf you have a smart phone, you can download a free story app “The Icky Mr Fox“. Then story time can happen anywhere, even when you are on the move.

RainbowAnother Irish legend tells of a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow – the trouble is you can never find it!  Enjoy colouring in pictures of rainbows (and leprechauns).

Words "Fairy tale"When you read a story with your child, talk about it afterwards. Try and work out the message of the story. Find lots of short online stories with a message here.

shamrock potato printYou might like to create cards or decorations for St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s how to make a shamrock potato print. The shamrock is the most Irish of all symbols.

Question markRiddles are fun, but they are more than that. They can encourage your child to think about things from another angle (lateral thinking). Find lots of riddles on the link.

papier maché bowlGet creative and make a papier maché bowl – instructions here. It’s not difficult, and once the bowl is dry you can make it as colourful as you like.

A leprechaun headWord searches are a great way to have fun with letters and words. Here are some online and printable St. Patrick’s Day word searches for your child to enjoy.

Calendar date marked "holiday"As we move into spring, show your child how calendars work. Start counting off the days to the Easter holidays. Play an online game to get to know calendars better.

children of the worldCheck out Duolingo to learn a language. It’s a free website or app for a phone. Your child might enjoy interactive lessons in Irish and English.

Car registrationIf you are going on a road trip in Ireland, keep your child busy. Tick off as many Irish counties as possible, as represented by the car registrations you spot on the way.

Maths angles toolsLearn to estimate angles with a Kung Fu themed game. Find out all about angles – what they are and how to measure them with a protractor.

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