I Am The Number One

I Am The Number One

On Wednesday the 21st of December all of the school gathered in the hall to watch the Fifth Class play and the raffle. Every year we do a raffle but this year was different because the Fifth Class play was before it. The play was called “I AM THE NUMBER ONE”. There was also dancers this year. They were amazing. Lots of students won in the raffle including teachers. The children were very nervous before, because the whole school was watching. We started the play by singing Bí Ann Bí Liom. In the middle of the play we sang Little Donkey. Next the tin whistle and the bells were playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We finished the play by singing I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday. We got a huge round of applause. After that the raffle started. The first prize was a Hatchimal and everybody wanted to win it because it is really hard to get in the shops but only one person could win it. The day was really fun!!

Fifth Class Christmas Concert 2016 from Sacred Heart SNS on Vimeo.

By Noah, Aaron and Robyn – Mr. MacLiam’s Fifth Class

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  1. Ms Canavan says:

    What a wonderful job 5th class

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