Raspberry Pi Weather Station – Part 2

Raspberry Pi Weather Station – Part 2

We promised you an update on our progress so here it is! After many weeks of hard work, some setbacks and challenges and a lot of learning, we now have a fully functioning weather station up and running in our school!

We have programmed the raspberry pi software to take lots of different weather measurements. The station has a lot of different sensors to help us record this data:

Sensor Name Purpose
Rain gauge Measures the volume of rain falling in millimetres
Anemometer Measures the wind speed in kilometres per hour
Weathervane Measures the wind direction in degrees
Soil temperature probe Measures the soil temperature in degrees Celsius
Temperature sensor Measures the air temperature in degrees Celsius
Humidity sensor Measures the relative humidity of the air as a percentage
Pressure sensor Measures the atmospheric pressure in Pascals
Air quality sensor Measures the air quality as a relative percentage

Our two parents, Yemi and Anthony, were such a great help over the last couple of months. Not only with getting the station working but also helping to install it on the school building. Check out the pictures below! A huge thank you to both of them for giving up so much time and effort.

The weather station is now regularly measuring the weather. It records the data at 10 minute intervals and uploads the details every hour for us to look at. Here are some recordings from earlier this morning:


In the new year, some sixth class students will be using the data in their Maths class and will also hopefully do a weather themed project. Again, we will let you know how we are getting on.

win_20161201_14_21_36_pro win_20161201_14_23_01_pro

win_20161201_13_50_16_pro win_20161201_13_51_24_pro

win_20161201_13_47_59_pro win_20161201_14_01_44_pro


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