Tessa, Rita and Caroline taught a group from 6th class to knit.

Georgia, Lucy, David, Kori and Kacey knitted for about

6 weeks. We all had a choice to pick between a Teddy

Bear or a humpty dumpty teddy. Kori made a humpty

Dumpty teddy bear. Georgia, Lucy, David and Kacey

made teddy bears. We all got to pick our own colours

of wool to knit with. We all started to knit the

stomach, then we knitted the arms, the legs and finally

the ears. Then Rita and Tessa brought our teddy bears home and sowed them together and stuffed them.

After weeks of hard work and giggles all around,

We successfully finished our teddy bears. I forgot to say

that Lucy picked the colour pink, Georgia picked the colour

green, Kacey picked pink, Kori picked yellow and David picked

white. Caroline was sick so she missed the last couple of weeks.

We are all are thankful that Rita, Tessa and Caroline took their

own time to teach us to knit. Merry Christmas ladies.


By Lucy and Georgia.

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  1. Chris edmonds says:

    Very proud of my wounderful beautiful daughter georgia ☺☺☺

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