Creative Writing in 6th Class

Ms Ryan’s 6th class have been very busy writing some eerie setting descriptions. We worked very hard on our pieces of writing! Our main objective was to use lots of adventurous vocabulary, this helped us make our writing be more exciting for our audience. The main focus was figurative language, we used our senses to help us with this. Before we started writing we looked at lots of examples of setting description writing and grabbed some examples of wonderful vocabulary. Ms Ryan also provided us with descriptive word banks so we could up level our writing. Take a look at what we have written and let us know what you think, our teacher and us are very proud of what we have created!

Even better, could you write your own piece of setting description? We would love to read them!


Here are some examples of our work!

              Can I describe a setting?

It was a gloomy, grey night, the wind grew strong, almost blowing me away into the quiet woods. Then I noticed I was by myself descending deeper into the clearing of trees. It that looked more like a forest to me, my comfortable shoes sinking into the muddy floor.

Then suddenly, feeling lonely, surrounded by tall but twisted majestic trees the animals waking up and making the forest alive.

 The crunchy crisp air hit me so hard that I couldn`t locate my steps.

Suddenly. On my shoulder fell a branch. The forest became silent like it was automatically shut down curiously wondering what might have happened.

 A light broke out, the light of dawn so shocked I couldn`t believe the night went by so happy jumping but noticing how beautiful my surroundings was.

My destination was right in front of me walking towards the grave saying my last goodbye to my old ones. 

By Adekemi

Frightened by the Forest

By Torey


As I walk through the timeworn, dilapidated gate, it creeks piercingly. Silently, I walk through and I see an old venomous woods, it was frightening to see, ducking beneath some low intrusive branches, there was no sound, no wind no rustling of leaves. My body shakes in fright I feel the as if the air is draining me, I soon become weak. I slowly and skilfully navigate my way in. Every were I step there is crinkly, crispy leaves surrounding me. My body wriggles with horror, anxiously I go further. My breath becomes stiff; I feel like I cannot breathe. I come to an old eerie, breath taking church. My heart becomes heavier and it starts to race I stop nervously and take a breath. My eyes pop from my head.I cannot be seeing this, I can hardly believe my eyes, the church door was open. I go in. My spine tingles, I get a feeling of an icy wind wind wrapping around me like a blanket. =

This tall black church looks violent and unpleasant it was abandoned. The shattered glass windows were looking at me and falling in the wind it was like the wind was taking to me. I feel a sudden hold back as I walk nervously inside the door furiously slams behind me. I hear a whistle and a crack I go and investigate further. The smell of a log crackling fire fragrant the air I go down a long, black spooky hall I start to wonder around. While I walk I start to smell damp. It was horrid my body became weak again I felt a tremble running into my soul. I suddenly felt tense and ran out of the old church. The bell of the church suddenly rings i cover my ears in spite of it stopping.

  I sprinted to the old gate were I first came in. I now suddenly see that the gate creaked open once I walked away. Im now curious to see how the gate opened was it the wind? Or was it a demon? I walk in once again and now more scared than ever I trip over an old grave I suddenly jump up and run I feel like the woods are alive. I noisily keep running I trip once again.

This time, I stay down I feel dizzy like I was just at to being chased by a lion my brain suddenly spinning like it is overheating. Suddenly, I shake in horror I run and run and run until I find the gate were I first came in. I glare at the woods again at the corner of my eye I see a crow poking at a grave. I run, I am afraid.


Can I describe a setting?

By Reece

As I walked through the eerie forest a gloomy light was glancing at me, I could see it in the corner of my eye. A tingle ran down my spine and reached deep into my soul. My heart was bursting out of my chest about to explode. My welly boots descended into the crisp and squelch of the mud and leaves. The branches of the trees gnarled almost like fingers trying to grab you, I kind of felt them tugging at my coat the forest is alive. I began to panic and my breath clear in the whistle of crispy cold and misty atmosphere of that spine chilling night.

 Owls is all I could hear and feel as though they were staring me down with intensity. The moon as bright as truck lights piercing through the golden brown leaves of the Autumn night. I soon hit the graveyard and I just know feeling the decomposing bodies right beneath my feet. I soon hear the howl of a dog from my position. I continue to walk anxiously through the graveyard the mist almost wrapping me like a cloak.

Then suddenly I spot the silhouette of the jaw dropping haunted historical church I was absolutely astounded by how beautiful it was. As I am edging closer to the church I hear the rattling of bushes. I don’t even turn my head and It appears to be something in the bush its two red eyes gleaming at me with their eyes looking like laser beams. My hair lifts up in shocking fright like I just rubbed a balloon on my head or I am in space. I dart towards the church fearlessly. And now I am in I constantly hear the tapping of footsteps…


Can I describe a setting?

By Kori

As I trudge through the many piles of dank, decomposing, autumn coloured leaves, the harder they were to walk through. The sky seemed to get darker by the second. The bare trees seemed to be curling their pointed fingers at me. There aren’t as many of the damp leaves left but it’s still a bit hard to walk through. I can hear the trees swaying in the forceful wind. Footsteps seem to be getting louder and quicker from the distance. I start to run as the forest is now getting too frightening for my liking. I couldn’t see much through all the soggy leaves and trees that seem to be leaning over. The branches seemed to be coming towards me as if they were about to stab me. It’s about 11 O’ clock in the night. The squelchy mud seems to be pulling me into the ground like quicksand.


Can I describe a setting?

By Molly

The scary, old gate sounded like a girl scream as it closed. loudly. Dirty gravestones everywhere I look. The path slowly disintegrated as I walked quickly into the woods with a carpet of golden, crisp leaves lay in front of me.

There’s people shouting weird things. It’s raining down on me and the torn looking trees.  Luckily I notice the break of dawn. The ancient church is there.  I am as cold as an ice cube. My heart feels like it’s going to pop out of my -chest.

This church is now clear. I can see it’s shattered windows and it’s broken door. It stinks of rotten flesh. I went into the old, disgusting smelling church. I’m running inside now. It’s scary. I can see the whole place. It’s old. I think someone’s here. I feel surrounded now. By all this old brickwork. I’m frightened now. I’m worried something will happen.


By Sophia

As I stumbled through the cold, misty forest, I came across a tall steel gate. I pushed through the gate and it screeched loudly. What I saw in front of me was an old graveyard.

 As I walked further dragging my feet as I go, I hear the wind howling and the birds chirping. I hear the sound of feet clamping their way towards me. My heart started to beat like a drum. I felt as if something was crawling up my spine. The sun was coming up, but very slowly. I turned around quickly but nothing was there. The trees around me were gnarled and twisted. Every step I took I got more nervous and cautious.  I felt as if the trees were watching me. I quickly turned back and swiftly ran back home.


  Can I describe a setting?

By Jamie

As I descend into the dark forest it is as if the trees are alive watching my every move. As I see the moon shining in the glistering night sky I hear a creaking coming from the distance. I see a flock of birds all going the same way. So I follow on the way I stop and see a massive tree trunk. I knock and notice it is hollow then surprisingly I hear a screeching roar of screaming it makes me feel alone besides one person watching me. I tried to run but fell and slit open my knee. It was when the sky darkened I was feeling more scared I felt extremely light headed as I stood up I saw two silhouettes of children I stood quickly. I started to sprint as my lungs where in pain and out of nowhere I got a horrifically dash of pain in my knees and fell painfully. And since that day I swore never to go back.


Can I describe a setting?

By Sam Byrne

As I walked down the narrow path through the Forrest

I smell decomposing leaves from the fallen. I slowly enter the humongous gate of the historic graveyard, I hear the piercing cry of a murder of crows .at this point I am terrified I see a yellow light me being so inquisitive I ignore my fear and decide to investigate. I continue to walk down the thin narrow shattered path of the graveyard. As I pursued the flickering light I see an old 16th century castle reaching to the sky I slowly enter the doors to hear a loud tapping noise I see a dark figure like shape I notice they are armour stands I walk up the stairs seeking refuge the tapping stops I feel cold and uncomfortable I hear a loud bang I swiftly turn and run for my life…


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