Virtual Greek Studies with Minecraft EDU

Virtual Greek Studies with Minecraft EDU


We built an Ancient Greek town using MinecraftEDU in our classroom. It was really fun and we got to work with our friends. We learned a lot about Ancient Greek life. Like that they prayed to different gods and had temples in their towns. We worked in groups and drew out maps of towns and buildings before making them on the laptops. We asked other group for advice and we then showed Ms. Healy and her class our project and they learned about Ancient Greece by walking through the town we had made. We used information boxes in MinecraftEDU to describe the buildings and give facts about the life of the people. It was a really fun way of learning and we hope to do it again.


3 Responses to “Virtual Greek Studies with Minecraft EDU”

  1. stephenbyrne says:

    hi mr Maguire I watched this vid at home but I did not know how to put it in to big screen and I forgot to say this is Stephen out of class I hope you have seen it and good work with the words and when I grow up I might be a teacher and I might be like you or I might be a principal like mr`o’lery o I might be a football player like you are comment by Stephen

  2. Alan says:

    I like this vid I cannot get it on big screen but its so good

  3. Alan says:

    I like this vide id like to be a GAA player like you or a teacher or a principle like Mr O Leary

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