Cracking the Code!

Cracking the Code!

Hour of Code Week December 7th – 11th

The hour of code was a great experience for everyone in our class. Over the past week we have really enjoyed having the opportunity to take part in coding activities. This year’s theme was Minecraft. We really set our minds to what we had to do and got really involved. It was very interesting to learn about code. The most important thing we thought was that while we were learning, we were having fun. As part of the activity there were fourteen levels to complete. Some levels were pretty tough but we enjoyed the challenge. But the weird thing is people make games and movies from coding, which is very interesting. Some of the people found it very hard and certain people found it easy. The hardest command was the “if place block”. The creator of Minecraft spoke in the video all about it. And overall the experience was fantastic.

By Bobbi & Reece

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