Trip to the woods

In the woods we saw lots of animals. We saw lots of different trees.

We saw a big oak tree to sit on for our lunch. Then we started walking around and we saw a deer and we saw a squirrel and mice. People were picking up pinecones and they got wet and soggy. There was a big hill it was really hard to climb we nearly fell.

When we were walking around we saw a big tree, my teacher asked us tow rap our arms around the tree to see how many people would fit. It took six kids to fill the tree. We saw lots of people walking their dogs we saw a pug and a German shepherd.

When we were there for about 20 mins we saw a wasp nest on a tree it was really big. When we saw a big log and our shoes were really muddy. For little break we sat beside an oak tree. We were about to go when we went around an arch. When we were going on to the bus we all had to change our shoes. We had muddy shoes and clothes. When we got back to the school we changed our clothes and then we had our lunch and when we went on yard we were freezing. That was our fun day.

By Lucy and Alisha

Last Tuesday we went to Massey’s woods, to learn about shrub level and canopy and field level and ground level and we had so much fun.

We saw a bees nest. We stopped at a big huge oak tree and had our lunch. On our walk we picked up some pinecones.  And we found a big step which everyone thought was a seat. We started to walk on and we saw a river and a wall and a deer. Calvin’s favourite part was when we went up a big hill and some people fell. And Ryan’s favourite part was when we got stuck in the mud. Ms Domican asked Ryan, Lana, Calvin, Callum and Jake to remember a tree called the sesille oak.

By Ryan and Calvin

We were walking with our class on a trip to Massey’s woods and we saw a deer looking at us and following us. The class looked at a squirrel climbing a tree it was grey and black. It climbed up to the canopy. There were was lodes of trees one of them was called an Afghan Spruce tree. The class was collecting pinecones.  The lake was beautiful. My shoe fell off. My mam was unhappy that my shoe was muddy. We walked on an old military road and it look scary. My two partners on the bus was

T.J. and Jake.

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