Taste is a Powerful Thing

Taste is a Powerful Thing

Everybody has five different senses, there is smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing. The tongue is used for tasting, talking and pushing your food down your oesophagus. The tongue has thousands of little bumps on it called taste buds. There are four different tastes that are stronger than others in different areas on the tongue. These four tastes are sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Last week, we made a diagram of the tongue and we also did an experiment where we had to find out where certain tastes were the strongest in four places.

Our teacher, Ms. Nestor mixed water with lemon juice, salt, sugar and tonic water. We then had to get a cotton bud and dip it in each cup and dab it on to four areas of our tongues. We found out that on the tip of our tongue sugar was sweeter than in the in the other areas. We also found out that on the sides of our tongue, the sour and salty taste was stronger. Finally we found out that at the back of our tongue, the bitter taste was stronger. The tongue is also used for talking. Without the tongue we would not be able to speak properly. If you try saying ‘this’ ‘that’ ‘these’ and ‘those’ without using your tongue, you would not be able to say the four words.

The final use for the tongue is that it helps when you are eating food. It makes it soft with the help of your saliva, then it pushes the food down your oesophagus. Without your tongue you would be speechless, tasteless and you wouldn’t be able to eat properly. So the tongue is a very important part of your body.

We hope you might have learned something from this report on the tongue and hope that you take care of your tongue because without it you wouldn’t be able to speak, taste or eat.

By Ella and Jack

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